Blockbuster movies that changed Hollywood forever

Before the 80s, the production budget of a typical movie was between $30 and $60 million.

Blockbuster movies that changed Hollywood forever

Before the 80s, the production budget of a typical movie was between $30 and $60 million. But with the introduction of blockbuster, movies today have a budget of at least $100 million

Generally, the quality of scenes in a Hollywood blockbuster looks different because of the effort and time spent altering the tones and colors of the footage in order to give it a specific look. They can also add digital camera to make a shot look more dynamic or re time a footage to slow things down or speed through an action.

Today, almost every film that is released changes everything, whether due to the use of expensive new technology or a talking animal, nothing is the same again. Here are the top blockbuster films that changed Hollywood forever.


This movie proved that music could be used to put bums on seats and shown how singing stars can draw the audience regardless of their acting talents. It also displayed how soundtracks inspired by a movie can be shifted in record numbers.

Though not everything worked subsequently, Hollywood discovered a way to pepper films with music without anyone having to break into a song.


The Lion King has better songs and the Beauty and the beast has been nominated for the Oscars but Aladdin was the first movie to incorporate animation. This set a trend in other big name stars especially comedians for their vocal work.

Toy Story

This film delivered a real animated alternative to Disney and showcased the potential of computer generated animation.

Toy Story may have a solid cast of stars-Tom hanks and Tim Allen- but it is the visuals, characterization and emotional storytelling that remain a memory


Before Babe, if you wanted to talk to animals, it meant a cartoon or puppets. The puppets were either barking or given voiceovers by comedians. No one took them seriously.

George Miller, Mad Max director spent seven years developing an adaptation of the sheep pig. He used an enormous number of animatronics which enabled the sheep pig to look like it was actually talking.

This was featured in Babe (1995), a movie that blew every other animal film out of the water.

The Oscar nominations it got was a recognition of this discovery that had changed Hollywood animal films forever.


Nothing has remained the same after Jaws. It was the first summer blockbuster ushering in an era of monstrous hits that would later dominate the box office.

Jaws opened in over 400 theatres which was a big deal in 1975 and it changed the entire element of the movie business. It was an immediate smash breaking all the important box office records and winning for 14 straight weekends.

Jaws felt so real that everybody wanted to see it again and again.

Though it will always be the movie that will keep people away from water, jaw marks a great legacy that spawned a new movie type. Hollywood has been trying to catch up ever since.

The Empire Strikes

The Empire strikes proved that sequels did not have to be inferior. That audience could handle dark tales that do not necessarily result to a happy ending. Years later, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan bore that out.